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Come and join us for 108 Sunsalutations to welcome Winter in 2010 Saturday 29th May at 5.30pm. Every new season we partake in the spiritual journey of 108 Sunsalutations and have done for over 5 years. The number 108 has been considered sacred for thousands of years in India. The Hindu prayer necklaces contain 108 beads, each one representing an individual mantra or prayer. Chinese Buddhists and Taoists also use a 108 bead mala.

In yoga, it is believed that our heart center is where the soul resides. From the heart center 108 channels, called Nadis, radiate out to all parts of the subtle body. By chanting a mantra 108 times, the energy of the mantra enters each of those channels so that it reaches all parts of the body. Coming together as a group to welcome each new season and cycling through 108 sun salutations provides the opportunity for a challenging physical workout as well as a focused, meditative experience.

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Join us for 5 weekends of learning the ancient art of Thai Massage also known asLazy Mans Yoga!’ The course will be  held Saturday and Sundays from 10.30am-4.30pm and will begin with a 1hr Yoga Beginners class. This is an internationally recognised certificate course affiliated with the International That Massage School Chiang Mai. The course cost is $1950 and is 60 hours in total.  

Level 1 – Foundation of Thai Massage
This course covers the Front Position (Supine) and back and shoulder massage in the Sitting Position
– Introduces the concept of energy lines (SEN) and Yin/Yang
– Teaches stretches, accupressure points, and proper use of body weight using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet.                          
– Emphasizes deep-focused abdominal (Hara) work      Upon completion students will be able to do an effective 1-1.5 hour Thai Massage 

Level 2 – Intermediate Thai Massage
– Expands on the techniques learned in Level 1 to cover the Side, Back (Prone) and Sitting Positions)
– Advanced yoga like stretching movements
– Upon completion students will have a real foundation of the major positions of Thai Massage and can expect to do a comprehensive 1.5 to 3hr Thai Massage 

 For more information and to secure your place please call Michelle on 55266600 as only space for 10 students .

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Enjoy an uplifting and inspiring retreat with both energetic sisters Michelle & Clare Merrifield on the magical island of Bali. The retreat includes; daily yoga, pilates, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy lesson. A day trip to Belayu an ancient village to enjoy reflexology, meditation in the temple and a blessing ceremony with the high priest. Another day trip to the heart and soul of Bali, Ubud to soak up the fresh mountain air, walk through rice fields and take pleasure in the traditional culture that makes this island of the gods so unique.

With return economy class airfares with Singapore Airlines (ex BNE, SYD,MEL), VIP Visa on arrival, return airport transfers (private cars), welcoming and farewell dinner, 6 nights luxury accommodation at Pantai Lima in Villa Waringin & VillaSound of the Sea you can be sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Total cost $3199 per person (Twin share). To enquire or make a booking, please contact: Ainsley Elliott Travel Associates on 07-55300022 or email ainsley_elliott@travelassociates.com.au 



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I feel amazing and on top of the world after the Bali Spirit Yoga Festival. So to continue this natural high I have decided to do a 7 day liquid fast to feel even lighter and brighter and keep the good vibrations flowing. The fast will include unlimited;
– fresh juice,
– my fabulous morning vegan super smoothie,
– the extraordinary liquid Mona Vie supplement,
– caffeine free herbal teas,
– vegan soup,
– lots and lots of water

I would love you to join me even for just a day and let me know how you are going! It’s always easier to do these things when you have a supportive friend! However if you have a demanding work schedule ahead I highly recommend that you wait till the workload or stress levels are low before starting the detox.

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I really believe in living angels that support and help each other in times of need. The other day I experienced this first hand with all my amazing teachers binding together to get the job done.

I had woken up with a headache and thought I would be fine but after a series of mishaps my headache had turned into an off the chart migraine. Earlier during the day one of my teachers car had broken down so I had to pick her up between my first two clients and lend her my car so she could teach my community class in Carrara.

We arrived back at the studio for my third private with 10 minutes to spare finding out no one turned up to cover Hollies class whilst she was in New Zealand and my sensational sister covered it last-minute. These hiccups didn’t help my headache and after my third private I had to write a sponsorship proposal which was terribly difficult when my head was spinning, so my angel assistant Radha finished it for me so I could get to my next class.

Luckily my beloved teacher trainers Anne and Brigetta were catching a ride out with me to All Saints Anglican School for my kids class to observe and on the way I desperately asked them to teach as my headache was now a ripping migraine. I then found myself crying in the sick bay with all the other sick school kids till they finished. During this time I called Erin another fabulous teacher to cover my afternoon class so I could go home rest, rejuvenate and recharge.

What a team….. love you girls you are my angels xxx

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I have definitely learnt a lot from running my business and like everyone I have had my share of ups and downs.

A lot of opportunities offered to me via my website and I have had some amazing experiences that not only I have enjoyed but many of my staff also. When I received an email from Dubai asking me to train 12 girls for 2 weeks it really didn’t seem unusual.

I was given credit card numbers and a 50% deposit to secure the girls places and once the amount cleared I was then asked to take a further $2500 for their agents fee and to then Western Union the money to him in the UK. Once the extra money cleared I figured withdrawing the sum and sending it would be fine as I had already been paid 50% of my fee and couldn’t believe anyone would deposit such a large sum of money that couldn’t be trusted.

He then asked if he could pay me in full and take a further $5000 from the credit card for the agent. The funds didn’t clear and I didn’t feel comfortable with the process. He offered another credit card but  my accounts manager said don’t do it. So I explained I couldn’t go ahead with the transaction and was happy to wait till after the  girls arrived. He then said he couldn’t send the girls over.

I rang Westpac fraud and explained my case and they believed it was a 99% chance fraud and stolen credit cards and that I could expect the money to be taken from my account at anytime with in the next 6 months. I couldn’t believe that people could be so cunning and deceitful. I am very grateful for this experience however as I have learnt a lot and I’m happy that it’s not going to break me like I know these situations have done to many other businesses.

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