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Life is always full of surprises….. yesterday I found myself on a 8 million dollar yacht with one of the richest men in the world doing a Yoga demonstration followed by a Thai Massage.

My 1st yoga teacher Garry Bromley called me and asked if I could arrange two girls to assist him with a high rolling Chinese client who wanted to do some yoga on his yacht. I made some quick calls, got the class covers I needed and the buddhaful Radha to join me. He arrived on his private jet from Sydney late and decided he only wanted to watch Radha and I demonstrate…. ha ha

Radha and I did some partner stretching at the end  and then he asked if he could do some yoga. Radha and I gave him some stretching but I could see he really needed Thai Massage as he was so tight. When our time was up, he asked if we could stay another hour so I could continue giving him Thai massage as he really could feel the benefits.

It’s funny because there was at least 20 people on the deck watching me stretch, twist and crack him and he really didn’t seem fazed. A store at Marina Mirage had stayed open an extra 2 hours as he said he was going to go shopping in that  hour window as he spent $500,000 in one hit last year…. but he opted for my Thai massage instead, that’s an expensive yoga/Thai massage session.


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Thai Massage has been around for over 2500 years and originated in India. Dr Shivago the founder of Thai Massage based this ancient healing craft on the traditional Hatha Yoga poses which also originated around 2500 years ago. It is commonly refered to as “Lazy mans yoga” as the receiver simply lies there and the practitioner does all the stretches and bending for you.

Thai Massage is both relaxing and therapeutic. One can expect to receive deep stretches to open the body along with accupressure points using Sen energy lines to awaken stagnant energy flow. This is a great way to reap all the benefits of yoga when you are too tired to do it yourself or have an injury or disability which doesn’t allow you to join a normal yoga class.

Thai massage is best over a 2 hr session however in the Western culture time is a precious commodity and can be tailored to suit a shorter 1 hr session. The receiver always wears loose comfortable clothes. My teacher would say in broken English “No clothes, no Thai massage” highlighting a misconception of what real Thai massage is due to Western tourism and Thai prostitution.

Try one for yourself 😮

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