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I remember the first time I went to a vegan restaurant and the menu was categorised into different meat sections ranging from; Beef, Fish, Chicken and Pork! At first I was like “Oh my god there is nothing to eat!” But with some gentle encouragement from my friend Sean he ordered all of  his favorite dishes so I could try them.

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or even if its ok to like the idea of eating meat? It’s really hard to get your head around eating fake meat when you are so dead against it in the first place. My guru said once “You shouldn’t wear fake leather or fur as it’s still promoting the leather and fur industry” Does this mean you shouldn’t eat fake meat?

To be honest I still wear fake leather and fur as I love fashion and I now eat fake meat as it’s important to get enough nutrients in your diet especially when you have a vigorous lifestyle.

There is only one vegan restaurant on the Gold Coast and its conveniently only 200 meters from my doorstep 😮 Check it out its Tian Ran on the Gold Coast Highway Mermaid Beach, across the road from the Growers Market Fruit shop.


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