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I have definitely learnt a lot from running my business and like everyone I have had my share of ups and downs.

A lot of opportunities offered to me via my website and I have had some amazing experiences that not only I have enjoyed but many of my staff also. When I received an email from Dubai asking me to train 12 girls for 2 weeks it really didn’t seem unusual.

I was given credit card numbers and a 50% deposit to secure the girls places and once the amount cleared I was then asked to take a further $2500 for their agents fee and to then Western Union the money to him in the UK. Once the extra money cleared I figured withdrawing the sum and sending it would be fine as I had already been paid 50% of my fee and couldn’t believe anyone would deposit such a large sum of money that couldn’t be trusted.

He then asked if he could pay me in full and take a further $5000 from the credit card for the agent. The funds didn’t clear and I didn’t feel comfortable with the process. He offered another credit card but  my accounts manager said don’t do it. So I explained I couldn’t go ahead with the transaction and was happy to wait till after the  girls arrived. He then said he couldn’t send the girls over.

I rang Westpac fraud and explained my case and they believed it was a 99% chance fraud and stolen credit cards and that I could expect the money to be taken from my account at anytime with in the next 6 months. I couldn’t believe that people could be so cunning and deceitful. I am very grateful for this experience however as I have learnt a lot and I’m happy that it’s not going to break me like I know these situations have done to many other businesses.

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I went to the morgue today and had a massive wake up call in relation to osteoarthritis (OA). It’s funny how you forget about the things below the surface sometimes. I saw some really bad OA that made me run to the internet to confirm all the best things I could be doing for prevention. This is what I found…..

Daily exercises such as yoga, pilates and walking to name a few are all great for you! One needs to stop smoking and reduce stress, worries, tiredness and disturbed sleep which all lead to a state of improper digestion which is a contributing factor to OA.

Foods  that need to be reduced include; alcohol, sugar, saturated fat, coffee, margarine, excess salt, cakes, candy, dairy products, acidic fruits and preservatives.  Although these are good for losing weight, there are also some foods you should include in your diet to help you reduce the effects of OA.

Focus on eating more fresh vegetables, foods that are high in vitamin E such as corn, nuts, sunflower oil and wheat germ. Oily fish is one of the best sources of omega-3 acids which is vital for healthy joints. Vitamin C is another beneficial vitamin for OA, so make sure you eat plenty of citrus fruits, strawberries, melons, kiwi fruit and blueberries. Foods that supply silicon that helps to calcify and strengthen bones include oats, barley, root vegetables and whole grain cereals. You can get zinc and copper through foods like beans, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds, all of which help to lower levels of inflammation.

If you saw the brittle bones I did today you would be doing all that you could to help prevent this common degenerative disease!

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As you maybe able to tell I love movies and documentaries with inspiring women and here is another favorite of mine about Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein who are, maybe, the most important makeup moxies who ever lived.

In a time when makeup was worn mostly by prostitutes and performers, these two women transformed the way women wear makeup and think about ourselves. Even more importantly, these women blew gender roles out of the water to rock the business world. Their colourful marketing, branding and product concepts where innovative and inspiring.

This documentary set in the 1930s showcases their lives, rivalry and how they conducted business including regular yoga and Pilates practices in their day spas. They created a holistic approach to beauty and a new way to live for western women.

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