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I will be successful in my life if I fulfill the following intentions.

  1. Be a strong, caring, compassionate and supportive husband. the result will be Michelle will have a stronger sense of self and a more positive life from me being an integral part of it. My intention is to create a lasting, growing and loving relationship in which we can both flourish.
  2. Be a strong, supportive, forgiving and morally sound parent. The result will be my children growing up to be morally responsible and positive people with enjoyable, successful lives.
  3. Be an honest and fair  person with strong morals and high integrity. The result will be that I will have strong self worth, high self esteem and be somebody who is trusted to do the right thing.
  4. Be strong enough to live by my beliefs no matter what the outcome or sentiment of others. The result of this is that I will remain on track and level and will not conform to negative persuasion or more limited beliefs.
  5. Be part of a business that has a beneficial impact on society and its surroundings. The result of this is I will have a passion for the business I participate in.
  6. Have enough money to support my family appropriately. This would mean an ability to manage the bills to provide a nice home in an appropriate location, good food, private schooling for the children and regular trips overseas now and in the foreseeable future. The result will be no stress and comfortable lifestyle for both myself and my family.
  7. Be dependable and reliable for family members, friends and associates. The result will be a strong social community surrounding me and positive environment.

I do not require a plethora of expensive goods to be deemed successful, however I do require comfortable belongings.

I do not need to judge myself as others see me but do require to be a person that my family respect.

By Matthew Taylor for my wife Michelle.


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