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I am totally addicted to reading at the moment and I’m loving it ūüôā¬†I have recently¬†been wanting to organise my finances so I decided to pick up Antonia Magees¬†book Living Thin; One womans journey from penniless to prosperous in a year. What I loved about this book is that its written by an Australian girl from Melbourne around the same age as me which made it really easy to connect.

It’s not a how to book, but a book about¬†Maggie’s¬†personal journey to take control of her¬†finances and find love. It colorfully¬†illustrates all of her trials and tribulations¬†of¬†a year of tightening her belt,¬†harnessing her uncontrollable spending habits and how she reached her goal of being debt free with $10,000 of savings in the bank.

I’m about to expand¬†my business premises¬†by almost 50% and do a¬†major renovation that will see me out-of-pocket¬†over $25,000. Not only will the renovation cost set me back but also the rent increase¬†will almost double. So I need to have a plan to make sure that I can¬†clear my¬†debt and manage my new monthly expenses.

Since reading the book I feel great as I have cleared and closed two credit cards, booked meetings with a financial planner, a book-keeper and a commercial software designer to organise both my business and personal financial accounts. I have set myself a personal goal to clear my renovation debt, credit card debt, HECS debt from university and have $10,000 worth of savings in the bank by christmas which will be a first as I have always put my money straight back into the business or to further my education.


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