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Change is inevitable

Life keeps on twisting and turning and it amazes me just how far we can travel internally yet still appear the same externally. I spent sometime reflecting on my personal growth and journey over the last 12 months and acknowledged just how much I had accomplished and learnt in such a small amount of time.

I am so grateful for all the amazing students, staff members, family, friends and teachers that have made my life possible. To ever think that we get anywhere in life alone couldn’t be further from the truth!

I’m so excited about my future plans and the possibilities ahead. I love having a dream to work towards. I invite you to create yourself a vision board of all the things you want to have or do in the next 12 months and come back and revisit this dream 1 year in the future and tick off all the things you managed to achieve. I love this exercise as I get really excited about so many ideas that I can hardly contain myself!


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Words can’t possibly give justice to the feeling you get here at the Bali Spirit Festival. The four day festival is filled with yoga, dance, music and healing from every corner of the world, all whilst listening to the natural sounds of the environment and soaking up the hot tropical heat!

The setting is unbelievable, absolutely breathtaking I feel like I have just died and gone to Yoga heaven! I have never been in such an uplifting environment in my entire life. This will now be an annual pilgrimage for me to re-inspire, recharge and reinvent not only my yoga practice but my spirit.

Today I practiced with some great teachers I had never heard of such as Patrick Creelman from Hong Kong and Katy Appleton from the UK which was amazing. To top off the 7.5hrs of yoga we finished with Shiva Rea and did an ancient Balinese Monkey Chant Kecak which is older than the religion Hinduism!

Here is a short excerpt from the best documentary on the planet Baraka. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! I watched it 8 years ago and it definitely was a major influence on who I am today.

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One of my beloved gurus Emil Wendell taught me whilst I was studying in India how women are worshiped in India and represent the creation of life. They are living goddesses and should be proud of their ‘shakti’ energy.

He said watch and see how the women dress and you will witness how their colours inspire and uplift the community around them as they live in such poor conditions. The women still blossom like the lotus flower that grows up from the dirty waters and radiates its beauty for all those to see and enjoy.

He highlighted how the women in India no matter how rich or poor always decorate their bodies with jewellery at least wearing a nose ring, a bindi either a sticker or dyed mud on their third eye and dress in the most exotic colours and prints.

One of my beautiful clients Kim came to class yesturday wearing red rose leggings, a black singlet and a big rose brouch and I couldn’t help but smile and say she looked beautiful. She replied ‘I like to dress to make others feel uplifted which reminded me of this beautiful teaching from my teacher.

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Guru translates as ‘One who removes the darkness and shines a light on the truth or the way‘.
Every time I meet new teachers from across the oceans it makes me so very grateful for the amazing wonderful gurus I have been blessed with Sharon Gannon, David Life, Dharma Mittra, Alanna Kaivalya and Emil Wendal. These holy beings have shined their light on me and I will always be eternally grateful for their teachings, guidence and love.
“The guru leadership is developed through personal mastery, extraordinary ethics and a compelling mission coming from a magnetic and radiant heart.” — Hazrat Inayat Khanlast

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I have been told that my 28th year is meant to be my most successful year to date according to a astrologer that I was introduced to in Maui, Hawaii a couple of years ago. Thus far I have to say he has been right with my personal life and business Essence of Living Yoga & Pilates studio at Mermaid Beach purring like a kitten. The universe has presented so many amazing people and opportunities all in line with my dreams.

The power of positive thinking can only take one so far….. I needed to create a plan and then take action to support that plan to manifest my dreams. I believe the universe helps those who help themselves whilst always working with integrity. I have found the more I let go on wanting anything the more that presents itself. It’s just like a yoga asana, you really want to be able to do it and you can’t. Then you stop trying and just say ‘What will be, will be’ and boom there it is. When I met my husband I was so content and happy single the last thing in the world I wanted was a man and he walked right into my life.

There is a big difference with letting go superficially and letting go completely! We have to be honest with our grasping and work hard to surrender all egotist wants and desires, only then will our world blossom and the magic appear.

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