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I have had a lot of requests for the ingredients of my daily super smoothie so I have decided to give you the recipe for a happy healthy morning boost of energy and vitality! I have had this concoction for over a year now and feel fabulous from it!

  • half a glass of oat milk
  • 1/4 large tin of peaches in mango
  • 200g of mixed frozen berries
  • large teaspoon of Spirulina powder
  • large teaspoon of Cocoa powder
  • large teaspoon of Flaxseed oil
  • large teaspoon of Acai powder
  • large teaspoon of Maca powder

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I remember the first time I went to a vegan restaurant and the menu was categorised into different meat sections ranging from; Beef, Fish, Chicken and Pork! At first I was like “Oh my god there is nothing to eat!” But with some gentle encouragement from my friend Sean he ordered all of  his favorite dishes so I could try them.

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or even if its ok to like the idea of eating meat? It’s really hard to get your head around eating fake meat when you are so dead against it in the first place. My guru said once “You shouldn’t wear fake leather or fur as it’s still promoting the leather and fur industry” Does this mean you shouldn’t eat fake meat?

To be honest I still wear fake leather and fur as I love fashion and I now eat fake meat as it’s important to get enough nutrients in your diet especially when you have a vigorous lifestyle.

There is only one vegan restaurant on the Gold Coast and its conveniently only 200 meters from my doorstep 😮 Check it out its Tian Ran on the Gold Coast Highway Mermaid Beach, across the road from the Growers Market Fruit shop.

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I feel amazing and on top of the world after the Bali Spirit Yoga Festival. So to continue this natural high I have decided to do a 7 day liquid fast to feel even lighter and brighter and keep the good vibrations flowing. The fast will include unlimited;
– fresh juice,
– my fabulous morning vegan super smoothie,
– the extraordinary liquid Mona Vie supplement,
– caffeine free herbal teas,
– vegan soup,
– lots and lots of water

I would love you to join me even for just a day and let me know how you are going! It’s always easier to do these things when you have a supportive friend! However if you have a demanding work schedule ahead I highly recommend that you wait till the workload or stress levels are low before starting the detox.

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I have just added my short 6min Yoga in Bed workout on youtube

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In India they say you only have a certain amount of breaths in your life so breathe slowly. The breath like the beat of the body happens automatically, no thinking is required…… its part of the magic of life.

As our mind and emotional states fluctuate these also affect the fluctuations of the breath. The quality of your breath is a direct reflection of the quality of your mind and visa versa. If we can learn to harmonize the breath and take the unconscious action of breathing and make it conscious then we can begin to rise above our mind and emotional states. A great speech and drama teacher once said to be me “If you can control your breath you can control your life”. Very in tune with ancient yogic philosophy.

I invite you to watch your breath, watch it through the day and see what you find. Notice the difference in depth, length and quality when walking, driving, eating, yoga, working, fighting, love-making and gardening…… become the silent observer.

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Thai Massage has been around for over 2500 years and originated in India. Dr Shivago the founder of Thai Massage based this ancient healing craft on the traditional Hatha Yoga poses which also originated around 2500 years ago. It is commonly refered to as “Lazy mans yoga” as the receiver simply lies there and the practitioner does all the stretches and bending for you.

Thai Massage is both relaxing and therapeutic. One can expect to receive deep stretches to open the body along with accupressure points using Sen energy lines to awaken stagnant energy flow. This is a great way to reap all the benefits of yoga when you are too tired to do it yourself or have an injury or disability which doesn’t allow you to join a normal yoga class.

Thai massage is best over a 2 hr session however in the Western culture time is a precious commodity and can be tailored to suit a shorter 1 hr session. The receiver always wears loose comfortable clothes. My teacher would say in broken English “No clothes, no Thai massage” highlighting a misconception of what real Thai massage is due to Western tourism and Thai prostitution.

Try one for yourself 😮

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