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Please watch and make a difference for the planet, animals and future generations ahead…


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Mitch Joel is a futuristic marketing genius! I read his book in 3 days and have never taken so many notes and actions from a single book in my life. Well me and my angel assistants Tara banana and Radha rabbit have tasks as long as our arms to work through!

The concept Joel sings throughout his bible for marketing is that everyone is connected. It’s so yogic, I love it! Joel illustrates how businesses have to dig deeper, become more personal and get real if they want to survive in this modern era of technology. The concept that we are becoming more disconnected due to mobiles, computers and the like couldn’t be further from the truth, it actually makes us closer if we dare to tune in and open up!

The challenge is to ensure that you and/or your business is unique, informative and useful or you will get lost with the other million bits of information floating in cyberspace. I highly recommend this book to all entrepreneurs and marketing managers wanting to be able to sustain in a fast changing world of information and consumer behaviors.

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I was totally exhausted when I left home for Bali, I had worked for over 6 weeks without a single day off and was really worn out. My problem is that I totally love what I do so much that I struggle to say no when opportunities arise and people are in need.

Life is about balance I totally agree but it is also about passion! When you find a passion and a purpose in life and realize you can work on growing and developing it you can’t help but invest your time and energy. That’s why I’m constantly traveling, learning and exploring my craft from teachers and peers alike.

My husband asks me when will it be enough, haven’t I already learn t enough? My response is “How could that be possible when my profession Hatha Yoga is over 2500 years old! I will never have enough time even if I studied 24/7 for the rest of my life.”

I just slept 15 hours straight without any interruption and feel a lot better. I’m definitely going to make some changes when I get back to be more balanced but as Buddha said ~ Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. ~

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I arrived in Bali today for the Bali Spirit Yoga Festival and its so hot I have sweat dripping down my legs as I sit here at the internet café!

I’m so excited to practice with Shiva Rea and Duncan Wung as they are some of the worlds most renowned and respected Yoga gurus. I promise to come home and share all of my new tricks and tips to my amazing students…. so get excited!

It’s been just over a year since I have been to this magical island and I forgot just how amazingly friendly these people are, it blows me away. They will do anything for you! For example today I was walking around sweating profusely with my luggage as I didn’t book a hotel (silly me) and got a little lost as my driver dropped me off in shopping central. So I asked a local where the hotels were and he said “Jump on my motorbike and I will take you.” Saved!

As he drove off I discovered that the hotel he dropped me at was full and a then another angel arrived, I felt like I had been blessed by the Balinese gods! He also offered me to jump on his motorbike and took me and my luggage to different hotel! Both trips were totally free and with the biggest smile ever 😮

I have to admit I have a soft spot for the Balinese people and their culture. I even dated a very nice Balinese guy Satria for a few months before meeting my husband Matt.

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I really believe in living angels that support and help each other in times of need. The other day I experienced this first hand with all my amazing teachers binding together to get the job done.

I had woken up with a headache and thought I would be fine but after a series of mishaps my headache had turned into an off the chart migraine. Earlier during the day one of my teachers car had broken down so I had to pick her up between my first two clients and lend her my car so she could teach my community class in Carrara.

We arrived back at the studio for my third private with 10 minutes to spare finding out no one turned up to cover Hollies class whilst she was in New Zealand and my sensational sister covered it last-minute. These hiccups didn’t help my headache and after my third private I had to write a sponsorship proposal which was terribly difficult when my head was spinning, so my angel assistant Radha finished it for me so I could get to my next class.

Luckily my beloved teacher trainers Anne and Brigetta were catching a ride out with me to All Saints Anglican School for my kids class to observe and on the way I desperately asked them to teach as my headache was now a ripping migraine. I then found myself crying in the sick bay with all the other sick school kids till they finished. During this time I called Erin another fabulous teacher to cover my afternoon class so I could go home rest, rejuvenate and recharge.

What a team….. love you girls you are my angels xxx

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One of my beloved gurus Emil Wendell taught me whilst I was studying in India how women are worshiped in India and represent the creation of life. They are living goddesses and should be proud of their ‘shakti’ energy.

He said watch and see how the women dress and you will witness how their colours inspire and uplift the community around them as they live in such poor conditions. The women still blossom like the lotus flower that grows up from the dirty waters and radiates its beauty for all those to see and enjoy.

He highlighted how the women in India no matter how rich or poor always decorate their bodies with jewellery at least wearing a nose ring, a bindi either a sticker or dyed mud on their third eye and dress in the most exotic colours and prints.

One of my beautiful clients Kim came to class yesturday wearing red rose leggings, a black singlet and a big rose brouch and I couldn’t help but smile and say she looked beautiful. She replied ‘I like to dress to make others feel uplifted which reminded me of this beautiful teaching from my teacher.

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Essence of Living has joined the bird like technology Twitter to keep all their clients up to date with current information and inspiration. Due to the nature of our Active and Healthy community classes being held outdoors this is the fastest and easiest way for you to know if we will be running classes in poor weather. So join us today so we can keep you informed and inspired 🙂


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