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Out of control

Life is never what I imagined it to be. As a fresh step mum and everything that goes with it life is definitely not simple! I find the most challenging aspect the fact that I have no control over my new life. I now find my life dictated by so many variables such as when I have holidays, when I can work in relation to school runs and when we have the kids to mention a few.

The biggest lesson I have learnt through this process is that the only thing in life I can control is my emotions, reactions, mind and attitude. Life only presents us with the lessons we are ready to learn and I thank god for my yoga practice as everyday I just breathe in…… and breathe out!

Let it go and let it flow xxx

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On Saturday I had some really upsetting news 10 minutes before I started teaching a yoga class that involved 3 parties that I all knew and I found myself crying in the beginning of class as I began to speak about the importance of honesty, love and integrity.

Basically someone I know is having an affair with a married man with kids and I’m closest with the wife of the 3 parties and it really rocked me. Maybe because I’m now married myself and the thought of my partner having an affair would be devastating.

When we practice yoga we try to become better people, not just more flexible but more faithful, reliable and compassionate. I can empathize the reasons behind the affair and understand the role of a yogi is not to judge but only to love….. all 3 parties practice yoga regularly and I felt that maybe we need to emphasize the first limb of yoga.

The first limb, yama, deals with one’s ethical standards and sense of integrity, focusing on our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in life. Yamas are universal practices that relate best to what we know as the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The five yamas are:

  1. non violence
  2. truthfulness
  3. nonstealing
  4. continence
  5. noncovetousness

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Life is always full of surprises….. yesterday I found myself on a 8 million dollar yacht with one of the richest men in the world doing a Yoga demonstration followed by a Thai Massage.

My 1st yoga teacher Garry Bromley called me and asked if I could arrange two girls to assist him with a high rolling Chinese client who wanted to do some yoga on his yacht. I made some quick calls, got the class covers I needed and the buddhaful Radha to join me. He arrived on his private jet from Sydney late and decided he only wanted to watch Radha and I demonstrate…. ha ha

Radha and I did some partner stretching at the end  and then he asked if he could do some yoga. Radha and I gave him some stretching but I could see he really needed Thai Massage as he was so tight. When our time was up, he asked if we could stay another hour so I could continue giving him Thai massage as he really could feel the benefits.

It’s funny because there was at least 20 people on the deck watching me stretch, twist and crack him and he really didn’t seem fazed. A store at Marina Mirage had stayed open an extra 2 hours as he said he was going to go shopping in that  hour window as he spent $500,000 in one hit last year…. but he opted for my Thai massage instead, that’s an expensive yoga/Thai massage session.

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Recently I had a comment that my Yoga in Bed blog was Porn Yoga. I found this comment really interesting as it clearly is not and its a simple demonstration of yoga poses that I do when I wake up in bed…. wow what a concept! I mentioned the comment to one of my clients and they said “Isn’t there a kind of yoga for sex anyway?” So I thought I would clarify what Tantra Yoga is.

Tantric Texts specify sex has three distinct and separate purposes—procreation, pleasure, and liberation. Several sexual rituals are recommended and practiced. These involve elaborate and meticulous preparatory and purificatory rites.

The sexual act itself balances energies coursing within the pranic ida (female) and pingala (male) channels in the subtle bodies of both participants. The sushumna nadi is awakened and kundalini rises upwards within it. This eventually culminates in samadhi, wherein the respective individual personalities and identities of each of the participants are completely dissolved in a unity of cosmic cosciusness. Tantrics understand these acts on multiple levels.

The male and female participants are conjoined physically, and represent Shiva and Shakti, the male and female principles. Beyond the physical, a subtle fusion of Shiva and Shakti energies takes place, resulting in a united energy field. On an individual level, each participant experiences a fusion of one’s own Shiva and Shakti energies

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Have you ever been touched so deeply by someone you love that it has brought you to tears?

As I walked down the stairs this morning for my walk with the dog I saw a huge cardboard container addressed to me and immediately began to pull it apart. My uncle Tommy from London had told me he was sending me a present he had made for me. I only met my uncle Tommy who is 78 years old 18 months ago and he has been a huge inspiration in my life since.

He works everyday and is one of the worlds leading sculpturist collected by the likes of Elton John & Pink to name a few. He has been knighted by the Queen of England for his dedication to the Royal Ballet and for many years of his youth was the worlds highest paid male ballerina leading hundreds of shows in London. His wife died just a couple months after our first meeting and I have since  become the leading lady of his life and have spoken to him every week since. 

As the parcel unfolded I found a bronze sculpture of a naked woman flying in mid-air holding a ribbon. I rang my uncle Tommy crying overwhelmed with joy I told him how beautiful it is and he replied “Darling it’s you, you have inspired this series of art I have created and represents all things pure, free and beautiful. I have named the piece Michelle and it represents Freedom”

I totally understand how women fall in love with artists (dancers, painters, singers, musicians, etc) they are so passionate, creative and deep. I have never felt so touched, honoured and understood in my love. The way the piece is designed and detailed is so intricate I’m speechless. They say art is meant to move you…. well this piece has moved my entire being.

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